INDIAN VASTU SHASTRA

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu architectural practice, which involves the construction of buildings in harmony with the natural forces, for the welfare of mankind as a whole. It is a rich Indian philosophy, which has got its roots in a number of ancient works, including the Vedas. Etymologically, Vastu Shastra is comprised of two words - Vastu, which means the dwelling place of humans, and Shastra, which means 'science'. In other words, Vastu Shastra is the science that deals with human dwellings.

Vastu Shastra is an age-old traditional practice, which is followed to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the life of a person. It is a science of directions that has man as its central part. He is considered as the subject, object and cause of architecture. Vastu acts as the balancing force between man and nature. It gives advice for almost everything right related to a building. The study of Vaasthu owes its origin to India and follows Indian culture, traditions and climatic conditions. 

Indian Vastu Shastra acquires a complete command over the knowledge of directions. There are basically eight directions, namely north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest. Each of the eight directions has holds a great importance in the human life. As per Vastu Shastra rules, the point at which two different directions meet is extremely powerful, as it combines the forces that are coming from two distinctive directions. These directions form the major basis of the ancient architectural practice.

Indian Vastu Shastra is based on the experience of many generations. Through it, a person alters and moulds the five basic elements of nature, namely air, water, fire, sun and sky, which are crucial to human existence. It aims at harnessing the positive energy from all these elements and using them for the benefit of humans. For instance, it uses the heat and light of sun, magnetic effects of our mother earth, direction of winds, and so on, to pave way for good health, wealth and prosperity
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